In addition to numerous manufacturing, project planning and business management systems we have implemented royalties and rights management solutions for major publishers, including digital rights. They have provided a solid base for decision-making in the rights arena and are the foundation for copyright compliance.

Electronic workflow and approval schemas, along with comprehensive document management software have given our clients the ability to reduce operating costs and improve processes that allow personnel to focus on value-added activities.


The Rights Management Suite (RMS) of applications was developed by InterSoft Associates specifically to manage, track and account for Publishers' intellectual properties. When fully integrated, the RMS modules incorporate all phases of the rights life cycle, providing seamless workflow for improved contract management. RMS ensures sound financial management of intellectual property via the mechanisms and internal controls required to properly account for and collect all subsidiary rights revenues due to the publisher.

The suite consists of a series of modules that can be administered individually or in an integrated fashion. Contract Management provides editors and contracts administrators with the tools necessary in a publishing project to secure author rights, including participants, advances, royalty rates, and territorial rights. Accessing data, the system produces contracts, letters and other forms via an MSWord interface. The individual user departments control the templates used in the interface so that changes are simple and easy to manage by end-users.

Within most publishing projects there is a need to secure permissions. RMS manages the processes and data required to identify the items of a published work that need to be acquired from other rights holders. Via workflow permission requests are created and tracked. A foundation to track usage vs. amount secured is a natural outgrowth of this module. The ability to track permission charges against author contract terms enables author chargebacks to be recorded immediately - providing annual savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Subsequent to publication, via the Rights Marketing module of RMS, publishers can accomplish rights selling to third parties utilizing our unique customer-profiling feature and the contract chasing and workflow capabilities.

The Permissions Granting module manages and coordinates the activities related to the receipt, recording and granting (or denying) of permissions requests.

In the realm of financial management the Rights Accounting module manages the recording of advances due and application of cash received against those receivables. It allows the publisher to record royalty statements received from third parties along with sales information, providing vital information for decision making in the Rights Marketing arena. Working with your royalty system via standard interfaces author-related rights activity can be easily and accurately tracked.

Via the Collections module, advance, permission and royalty due dates are monitored. Automated collection letters, emails and faxes are produced and tracked, providing publishers with the assurance that payments for all rights sold are received on a timely basis. This allows publishers to fulfill their due diligence obligations to their authors as well as providing the mechanisms to increase revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Each of the modules of the Rights Management Suite can be implemented independently, or in any combination as part of a strategy that provides for complete rights management and financial integration together with your general ledger and royalty system.